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Objectives:This major aims to cultivate a group of professional and technical personnel who should master the main skills in economic management,network marketing, website construction, web design, modern information technology, and get familiar with laws and regulations related to E-commerce.

Major courses:E-commerce Web Design,Cross Border E-commerce, Mobile Business Application, Online Store Building and Operation, Mobile Development Foundation, E-commerce Project Planning, Network Marketing, E-commerce Case Analysis, E-commerce Settlement and Payment, E-commerce and Modern Logistics Management and etcetera.

Vocational Qualification:PRETCO A or B, National Computer Rank Examination,Assistant of E-commerce Engineer.

Graduates work field:B2B trade, search engine marketing, data analysis and management, UI design, network marketing, telephone marketing, electronic order processing, online procurement, web design, website planning, network editing, network management, network maintenance and promotion, website customer service, logistics management.

Continuing undergraduatemajor:E-commerce

International Economy and Trade

Objectives:This major aims to cultivate professional business people who can meet the requirement of China’s foreign economy and trade, and have the knowledge of international trade and relevant economy and legal knowledge, and can be engaged in foreign trade、documentation、documentary、freight forwarding and other business operations in foreign trade enterprises or related industries.

Major courses:Theory and Practice of International Trade, International Financial Settlement, International Marketing, International Business Law, International Business Negotiation, Foreign Trade Correspondence, Foreign Trade English, International Cargo Transpotation and Insurance, Foreign Trade E-commerce, etc..

Vocational Qualification:PRETCO A or B, National Computer Rank Examination,Export sales, Documentation, Customs Declaration, Merchandiser.

Graduates work field:Graduates can take on international trade salesman, customs declaration, export sales,documentation specialist, operator, merchandiser, customer service, international procurement, business assistant in government agency,customs,

border quarantine bureau, import and export trading company and domestic and foreign invested manufacturing enterprises with foreign trade business.

Continuing undergraduatemajor:International Economy and Trade

Logistics Management

Objectives:This major is the key construction of our college. The school has bulit logistics technology training center fused a set of production, training, research and development. Based on the Internet of things supply chain logistics training room, supply chain sand table simulation training room and logistics management training room. Set up 5 off campus practice bases. Signed a school enterprise cooperation agreement with a number of Companies. Graduate employment rate has remained above 95%. Having wide range of graduates employment.

Major courses:Logistics management, Cargo, Warehousing and Distribution Management, Logistics E-commerce, Container Transport Practice, International Logistics and Freight Forwarders, Logistics Procurement Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Center Operations Management

Graduates work field:The employment direction of the graduates mainly includes the internal logistics companies, logistics parks, industrial and commercial enterprises of the internal logistics companies, enterprise materials sector, highways and shipping companies.

Marketing Management

Objectives:This major aims to cultivate sales and business professionals with the basic knowledges of management,economics,marketing and other aspects,and with the professional skills of market research, marketing planning, sales management, market development, selling and negotiation, network marketing, and with strong ability in marketing sales practice and chain management.

Major courses:Marketing, Consumer Psychology, Marketing and Negotiation, Market Investigation and Prediction, Theory of Chain Business Management, Chain Enterprise HRM, Chain Enterprise Financial Management, Marketing Planning, Sales Etiquette, Advertising Planning, etc..

Vocational Qualification:PRETCO A or B, National Computer Rank Examination,

Assistant Marketing Specialist, National Salesman Qualification Certificate, Franchise Manager (Junior)

Graduates work field:The graduates can be engaged in product or service sales and management in enterprises (such as sales, sales representative, sales manager, sales consultant); also can be engaged in the sales work (such as customer service representatives, market research specialist etc.), especially suitable to engage in management and technical services in logistics distribution center chain headquarters, chain enterprises, engaged in business management, customer service and store management in chain stores.

Continuing undergraduatemajor:Business Administration, Marketing Management


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