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The School of E-business and Modern Logisticsis one of the subdepartments inShaanxi Vocational and Technical College, which is established in 2015 based on the "Internet +" backdrop. There are over 60 teachers in this new school and 25% of them are professors and associate professors. About 90% of the teachers hold PhDs or masters degree.

The school offers four majors for students, they are E-Commerce, International Economy and Trade, Logistics Management, and Marketing. Among the four, E-Commerce is the National Key Major, International Economy and Trade, Logistics Management are Key Majors in Shaanxi Province.

This school keeps long-term cooperation with Yi Yatong Supply Chain Co., Ltd in Shenzhen and the Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation Association. The three parts joint hands and have built the first Yi Yatong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in Shaanxi Province to realize the innovative business talentsincubation and the supply chain talentsorder class education.

The students in this school participated in the national contest of college students Internet + innovation entrepreneurship in 2015 on behalf of the college, and gained great honer. Some students from E-commerce major have started online business and haveexpanded the scale. A number of the students' creativity and planning schemes have attracted the intention of the vc investment and entered the stage of substantial construction. Some students from International economic and trade major have taken part in the practice of the cross-border E-Business through the well-known platform home and abroad like Ali Express and Dhgate.

In 2016, our school undertook the first "Internet + fruit (cherry) creative peak BBS in Bailuyuan", actively exploring profound cooperation between enterprise and school.

The administrator in this school put high priority on the employment rate of the students and hope to cooperate with the enterprises home and abroad. The graduates from this school have gained high reputation among the whole country because of the solid theoretical knowledge and the strong hands-on ability.


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